Global Citizenship at Hisar School

Today in an increasingly globalized and interconnected world with never-ending transformations in science, technology, culture, communication, economy, international politics, and ecology, the redefinition of geographical, cultural, and social boundaries has come to the forefront. As a result of the decisions and actions of individuals, and policies and activities of organizations, states, national and international organizations, and NGOs, this transformation has created an unprecedented impact on humanity, the planet, shared resources, and all social systems in ways never seen before in history. 

This growing interest in global citizenship has resulted in increased attention to  the global dimension in education and the transformative implications for policy, curriculum and teaching and learning experience. While global transformation has brought a new, unique, and important responsibility to educators, it has become mandatory to transform education policies, curricula, and learning experiences to include global citizenship education.

Committed to global academic excellence, Hisar School has always encouraged students to develop a sense of belonging to a broader community and common humanity. Hisar School aims to foster a sense of global citizenship and to raise its students and graduates as global citizens, in line with its vision of becoming a high quality global school. In this direction, Hisar School, which was accredited for the first time in 2007 by CIS (Council of International Schools) that aims to develop high academic standards in educational institutions and places world citizenship at the center of its studies, adopted the CIS world citizenship education principles and standards, bringing up active individuals who take responsibility, are aware of the global reality they live in, and have the awareness of establishing an equitable, fair and sustainable world.

World Citizenship Education at Hisar School

The open-minded, productive, and responsible members of the school community are committed to finding and teaching solutions to local and global problems and working in harmony with others within the framework of critical thinking and social responsibility principles. The school encourages all stakeholders to internalize the understanding of human rights and social good and to take responsibility for a more inclusive world. High academic standards and achievement are associated with finding solutions to local and global problems, and being aware and active for the well-being of society. Thus, the learner-centered, constructivist approach of Hisar School becomes integrated with an active global citizenship vision. Hisar School believes that world citizenship is a process and a journey. It is based on rethinking what we have learned, never-ending inquiry, self-assessment, an excellent understanding of local and global dimensions, taking initiatives and leadership whenever necessary.   

As global citizenship provides purpose, motivation and coherence in Hisar School teaching,   learning, and wider experience of school life,  Hisar School’s “World Citizenship Education” vision, policies, and strategies are founded upon the values and achievements that will provide this global competence.

UNESCO has been promoting global citizenship education since the launch in 2012 of the UN Secretary-General’s Global Education First Initiative (GEFI), which makes the development of global citizenship one of its three education priorities. You can find detailed information here.

CIS members have committed to actively develop global citizenship in education through ethics, diversity, global issues, communication, service, leadership and sustainable lifestyle. Hisar School is accredited by CIS.

Hisar School’s Global Engagement Policy

Hisar School’s strategic objectives include the development of a global culture and experience at Hisar. Accordingly Hisar School demonstrates a strong commitment to internationalism in education and development of global citizenship in students. Hisar aims to reflect this through all academic and administrative processes of the institution as well as initiating international projects for students.

Hisar actively seeks global partners of exceptional caliber to enrich its students, teachers, staff and alumni while, in turn, it shares the Hisar culture with its partners in an effort to provide inspiring, transparent and collaborative understanding for the future. 

Hisar’s global engagement policy covers various items on education such as hiring international faculty, initiating student, faculty and staff exchange programs, promoting student engagement in taking online courses offered by various schools and universities around the world, and designing the Hisar Library to be supplemented by electronic access to visual and auditory multi-media sources such as academic titles, scholarly journals, eBooks and magazines worldwide. The Global Engagement Policy also covers items on innovation, student activities and outreach to alumni and friends of Hisar to make sure Hisar School has a global footprint in the increasingly competitive international environment.

 Please click here for Hisar School’s Global Engagement Policy.