Professional Learning Center

Perceiving the school as a learning community with its all students, teachers and staff members is an effective starting point for future growth. Hisar School Professional Learning Center believes that providing research, collaborative learning, and exchange opportunities with innovative, creative, and agile environments will contribute to the transformation of our staff.

Shools try to prepare their students for the uncharted business areas, the inevitable developments arising from the social change in economic, cultural, and technological terms as well as the globalization, and the “future” along with environmental transformations. Today, learning environments are evolving into flexible spaces which provide students the chance to learn at their own speed when they feel ready. The roles of the education sciences and the teacher also change based on social and technological developments. During this process, teachers have a responsibility to be open to learning and development, be constantly curious, make research, observe, be flexible, have a developed sense of empathy, transform themselves along with the surrounding people, and guide others. Professional learning environments are key for the teachers to prepare themselves for the changing conditions while also improving and growing.

Hisar School further developed its Professional Learning and Development activities, which have been present since day one, with the creation of the Professional Learning and Development (PEG) committee in 2019. The committee has conducted successful activities regarding various areas such as the PEG application process, the creation of application assessment criteria and their transfer to the digital environment, the creation and the realization of training assessment criteria, and the use of the training received in real-life learning environments.

Hisar Professional Learning Center Members
Center Members
Nilüfer ÇAĞIN Coordinator
Burçak ÖNER Member
Dilara VARDAR Member
Duygu AYDOĞAN Member
Ela MAVİ ÖZTEKİN Member (Training Operations Specialist)
Gizem AKSOY Member
Gökşen AKYOL Member
Hilal ÇEÇEN Member
Melih GÜRKAN Member
Michelle DUSCHANG Member
Özge GÜLTEKİN Member
Sezin FİNS Member
Tuğba UCUZCU Member
Utku ÖZTEKİN Member
Yıldız AYYILDIZ Member

Columbia University CPET Teachers’ College

The Center for Professional Education of Teachers (CPET) is an organization of the Columbia University Teacher’s Academy dedicated to developing global capacities in teacher education, research, and school reform. CPET has been a leader in providing professional development service to schools in New York and beyond.

During the process of transitioning from the committee to the center, a project group was established to collaborate with the Center for the Professional Education of Teachers (CPET) of Columbia University. In this study carried out in partnership with CPET, the mission, goals, organization chart, and objectives of the center were created based on the mission and vision of Hisar School. With CPET, which is carried on effectively, the collaborative works of Hisar School Professional Learning Center may be summarized in three areas as follows:

  • Develop policies, vision, mission, guidelines, and job descriptions,
  • Organize leadership coaching sessions for discussing hardships via critical thinking
  • Assess the adult learning, instructor training, instructional coaching, and other training.

For more detailed information about teacher trainings and activities conducted in cooperation with Hisar School and Columbia University, please click here.

ECIS (The Educational Collaborative for International Schools)

Hisar School Professional Learning Center has aimed to reach the best to create lifelong learning environments that make learning, change, and transformation continuous since the first day it was established.

In this journey to be useful to the national and international educational communities, the Center has completed the work on the standards of professional learning programs in cooperation with ECIS (The Educational Collaborative for International Schools).

This work, which can be utilized as a guide for planning high-quality and efficient professional learning activities, consists of the following components.

  • The key points of effective training programs
    Characteristics of facilitators and professional learning program providers
    Expectations from the participants
    Groups of professional learning activities
    Professional learning cycle

Please click here for detailed information about the standards that we, as Hisar School Professional Learning Center, meticulously consider while preparing both in-house and corporate training programs.

Training Programs

The professional learning programs of schools are shaped around the strategic plan, mission, vision, and values of the school. The requests for professional training may either come from the employee or be created by the school administration of Hisar School to reach the set targets in the development area. In collaboration with national and international educational institutions, the teachers of Hisar School, who are specialized and competent in their fields, may provide training and consultancy services within the framework of the specified regulations. Please click for further information.


Hisar Professional Learning Center will provide a system of innovative, creative and collaborative opportunities and research environments. Each member of the community seeks outside expertise and contributes their experiences and knowledge towards continuous transformation. Read more…


The OECD defines the professional development of teachers as “Activities that develop an individual’s skills, knowledge, expertise and other characteristics as a teacher.” in its TALIS (International Survey on Learning and Teaching) report. Read more…

Projects and Collaborations

Hisar Professional Learning Center (PLC) has completed the “Learning Together” training series in cooperation with our teachers and YGA (Young Guru Academy) with the principle of “being useful to the educational communities in Turkey”, which is one of its founding objectives. Read more…