Plan-Do-Review) courses are applied in grade1-2-3. Process of Plan-Do-Review is the central point of High/Scope Education Model. It contains all the elements of effective learning (using and choice of materials, use of children’s language, adult support). Students learn about finding out their actions and expressing their intentions while preparing and applying their daily plans and recalling what they have done afterwards. Besides, they take active part in making decisions and problem-solving. Children transform their fomer plans into concrete actions. They discover new ideas and make choices. Planning process covers achievements which help children to determine an aim and have active learning experiences. Review process help children to make sense of these actions.

The aim of Guidance and Psychological Counseling is to

  • Develop planning skills,
  • Gain skills to transform their ideas into actions,
  • Develop skills to solve the problems while working on a goal,
  • Allow them to structure the information while having the High/Scope experiences,
  • Let them think upon actions and experiences to develop their reviewing abilities on past events.