Strategic Plan

Hisar School, founded in 1996 with two grades, has become a well-regarded, progressive institution that educates PreK-12 students at a single campus in Istanbul, Turkey. With 1,370 students; our students are flourishing inside and outside of the classroom; our facilities are adequate for current needs and we are moving towards a balanced budget. We believe it is during this positive era for the school that we can best set ambitious but achievable goals for our future. During the 2013-4 school year, the Board of Directors and School administration initiated a process intended to enable Hisar School to realize its true potential as an educational institution in Turkey via more careful and goal-oriented planning.

The strategic plan process, then, was born of an interest in the continual improvement of the school for the purpose of better fulfilling its mission, to help all students “Discover and Develop Their True Potential.” This plan therefore outlines what goals the community has identified as the highest priorities until 2019-2020. At Hisar, we typically have more ideas for improvement than we can implement with the money in our budget and the time in our days. The Strategic Plan, therefore, is intended to help the Board and administration prioritize goals and to allow our entire community – teachers, parents, students, alumni – to participate in the realization of these goals. Together, we will look to this plan and the performance indicators to provide a roadmap for the ongoing evaluation of our efforts.