Advisory Committee for Education Policy

The Advisory Committee for Education Policy is authorized by the Hisar Educational Foundation Board and will serve at the pleasure of the Founder’s Representative and the Executive Committee. It is the role and the sole prerogative of the Executive Committee to enact education policy. The Advisory Committee is expected to offer recommendations for instructional programs and to provide information relevant about the teaching and learning to the general manager and the executive committee.

The Committee is created to carry out work in collaboration with all relevant parties and shall limit its activities to advising on matters that directly concerns the educational system. The specific objectives of the Committee include evaluating Hisar’s current academic performance and to research for greater academic quality at Hisar; reviewing the current teaching and learning in a wholistic way, overseeing the ongoing and, when necessary establishing new critical academic indicators periodically and communicating the end result to all related parties; proposing methods that will help capture the perceptions of institutional fit, climate or students’ goal achievement through multiple programs of study and redefining excellence so as to guide towards a clear designation for a challenging but at the same time joyful learning process for Hisar students.

Committee Members  
Prof. Dr. Emine Erktin - Boğaziçi University Dean of Faculty of Education President
Betül Çoban - Middle School Principal Member
Burçak Öner - Middle School Vice Principal Member
Doç. Dr. Ebru Muğaloğlu - Boğaziçi University Faculty of Education, Lecturer Member
Ezgi Çebi - Preschool Vice Principal Member
Füsun Toparlak - Middle School Vice Principal Member
Gülçin Cırık Doğramacı - Assistant General Director Member
Hüseyin Çelebi - Primary School Vice Principal Member
Mahir Badem - High School Vice Principal Member
Meral Olcay - Assistant General Director, Primary School Principal Member
Nilüfer Çağın - High School Vice Principal Member
Okan Uzelli - High School Principal Member
Sibel Yalkın - Preschool Principal Member
Yıldız Ayyıldız - Primary School Vice Principal Member

For Hisar School Advisory Committee on Education Policy Guidelines, click here.