Distance Learning Policy

At Hisar School, technology and innovation are a natural part of the learning process. We aim to help students graduate as active and productive individuals who have acquired the knowledge and skills in line with requirements of our era, and the ability to develop innovative solutions from a different perspective for the problems they face. 

As information becomes more easily accessible, being “connected” to the Internet and with each other becomes increasingly important. Only through the right guidance, these connections can become meaningful, focused on productivity, ethical, and safe. Technology not only paves the way for a dynamic relationship between the teacher and the student, but it also helps creating learning environments aimed at collaboration, and ensuring that learners make progress at their own pace. 

To this end, our stance on the distance learning process offers all our stakeholders a combination of the content and education that is sustainable, shareable, and manageable under any conditions, including challenging times. While we are aware that social interaction, real time one-on-one communication, instant feedback and having a number of extracurricular activities are invaluable, we are also determined to maintain the daily learning routine during the distance learning period, as well. 

This document aims to explain our views on distance learning process and share our schools’ approach, policies, and plans on this subject. 

Please click to read Hisar School Distance Learning Policy.