CEMC Competitions

CEMC Math Competitions for grade 9, 10 and 11 are organized by Math and Computer Education Center Waterloo University in Canada and applied by Hisar Schools Math Department. We encourage students to participate in CEMC competitions to make them love and care about Math. While students who participate get certificates, some of them are awarded by the jury.

Grade 12 Design Exhibition

In addition to Math curriculum, all students of senior grade are expected to work on “Mt Little Wooden Cabin” design project. It is an interdisciplinary project carried out under the guidance of Math, Visual Arts and Information Technologies departments. Each student design their own cabin, forms the blueprint and draw on plotting paper. They create a spreadsheet on both Excel and in coding language, draw it by using 3D program and produce a model house by using foam panels. 3D drawings are printed. The students present their works at the last week of the May in their final year and their projects are evaluated by the teachers.

Activities in Class

As a department we care about real life applications. Therefore, so many in-class activities are carried out.


Studies Done with Graphic Calculator

Students carrying out AP program usually use graphic calculators. They get necessary training in grade 10. The exams also include problems needed to be solved with the help of a graphic calculator.