Modern Languages

Being able to use another language along with English offers advantage for people in a world where borders are gradually disappearing. In that sense, Hisar School offers French, German and Spanish language courses to its students.

Until the end of grade 12 in high school, Common European Framework (CEFR) is applied. Students knows about social and cultural life of the target language, can keep up with the modern world, practice 21st century skills, think critically, master the communicative competency in the foreign language.

Second foreign language courses offer a technology integrated education program enhanced with sophisticated activities to teach complementary skills (speaking, reading-comprehending, writing, and listening). Keeping attention of students is aimed by giving examples from daily events and from authentic materials such as newspaper, videos, songs, films, articles etc. Also, cultural elements of the target language are introduced to attract students’ attention.

Opportunities are provided for students to use a foreign language by actively taking part in outside activities. In addition, various workshops are organized.

Our students are encouraged to take proficiency tests such as “Fit” for German and “DELF” for French and they advance to A2+/B1 levels.