Grade 9

Main aim of the course is to learn how to analyze life in molecular and cellular structures, investigate interactions of organisms to their environments and to see biological structures of the organisms.

Grade 10

Main aim of the course is to learn about important processes, molecular and cellular divisions, reproduction and meiosis, biotechnical developments and interactions of organisms to their environment. In addition, classification subject is also included.

Grade 11

The aim of grade 11 Biology course is to provide information on cellular respiration,, photosynthesis, how human body works and behavioral adaptation to the environment.

Grade 11 AP Biology

AP Biology course is designed as equavelant to the courses of Biology branch in college. The courses comprise of introduction course for two semesters. To cover the units required by the program, the course is held for 33+2 weeks and 4 hours weekly before AP test. A regular course lasts for 40 minutes. AP biology includes 4 main ideas/themes: evolution, energy processes, data collection and interactions.

Grade 12

The aim of the course is to learn about following topics.

  • From gene to protein
  • Biology of the Plants (parts, functions, physiology and reproduction)
  • Evolution of the populations and following the evolution
  • Organism zones and ecosystems
  • Ecology of populations

Grade 12 Advanced Biology

Welcome to Advanced Biology course. The aim of the course is to magnify concepts of biology at the level of college courses. The course includes pharmacogenetics and personalized medicine/drugs human physiology and defects, neuroscience and biochemistry of the cancer.