Turkish Languages and Literature


The goals of Turkish language and literature department are to raise students who ;

  • Use their mother tongue accurately and fluently, understand what they read and watch, tell what they compose verbally and written accurately and purposefully,
  • Internalize national and international values and learn about competent works of literature from Turkey and the world,
  • Follow current events, sensitive to incidents in their country and the world and to arts and nature,
  • Able to write literary articles and to express their ideas effectively on composition,
  • Investigate a work holistically while putting their skills and savings forward through process-oriented testing and evaluation,
  • Develop their intellectual savings based on basic 21st century skills such as “critical thinking”, “verbal and written communication”, “cultural awareness”, “competency in native language”, “teamwork”, “multiculturalism”, “accessing information in effective ways”, “ using education technologies effectively”,
  • Put individual differences forward while accessing information,
  • Apply values created by Atatürk’s principles and reforms on cultural and universal basis.