Course Information

Based on Ministry of Education curriculum, Hisar Middle School Math Program carries out an enriched Hisar curriculum. Technology supported learning environment is promoted for our students to discover every concept with a questioning approach and readiness. Student-centred activities and group works support active learning. In that way, they can answer the question “How applicable is this information in real life?”

The activities include open-ended questions that both cover the content of topics and serves for producing result. Critical thinking is promoted through directive questions. Gaining awareness on the background of methods or concepts is important. We believe that the students need to see beyond and understand mathematical reality behind the problem. Graded classroom activities are applied for students to enlarge their perspectives on the concepts and to practice. Study of each student is monitored and individual feedback is given to students.

We take English language usage in the classroom seriously and believe that it prepares them for their English education in high school. Besides it gives our students to become a global citizen. Course contents are prepared according to the results of ISA Mathematical Literacy test and it is believed to measure their English Math knowledge and skills on an international level.

Testing and Evaluation

Knowledge of our students are evaluated through written exams along with process-oriented approaches and individual performances, their contributions to group works, mid-term evaluation, assignments, class participation, their efforts and determination. After various assessments, additional studies are planned according to personal needs of the students provided it is necessary.