Psychological Counseling and Guidance

Hisar School Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department works with students from Kindergarten to 12th grade towards improving their physical, emotional, social and cognitive development with a preventive guidance approach. With the help of these studies, it is aimed that individuals learn more about themselves and their environment, live happy and harmonious lives as well as set appropriate and realistic goals for themselves.

Based on the principles of confidentiality and trust, all issues with students are handled unconditionally and without any prejudice in the Counseling Department.

Through open and honest communication, the Counseling Department encourages students to share their concerns not only on problem areas but also on any area of their lives and thus the message that ‘The Counseling Department is a place where life is shared’ is conveyed.

Some of the works of Guidance and Counseling Department at Hisar School;

  • Parent, student and teacher meetings,
  • Class guidance and counseling activities
  • Vocational Guidance,
  • Peer support program,
  • Individual and Group counseling
  • Parent-Student-Teacher seminars,
  • Orientation Programs
  • Getting to know studies (tests, inventories and observation)
  • Values education

Through these studies, we aim to improve problem solving, decision making and critical thinking skills in our students so that they become empathetic world citizens who are self-aware, sensitive towards their environment, and what’s going on around them. They become respectful towards differences and therefore are able to engage in healthy relationships with others.

There are 13 professionals under the roof of Hisar School Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department. These professionals work through interdisciplinary collaboration. All information about student development is shared between the levels on the basis of ethical standards to be able to follow up the progress.

One of our main responsibility areas is to support student learning at all K-12 levels by teaching study skills, guiding their learning and supporting student development through creating individual educational plans.

Our primary goal is to reach each and every student throughout the year. With the awareness that family is the root of all basic values and habits, we believe that it is crucial to involve families in the system, getting to know and support them as well as guide them on the basis of student benefit.