Our Misson

Hisar Professional Learning Center offers a system of innovative, creative, participatory opportunities and research environments. Each member of the community seeks expertise and contributes their own experience and knowledge to continuous transformation. Knowing that every individual is open to development and change, and that this will result in an environment that fosters lifelong learning in Hisar, this professional education community will enhance academic excellence and success by creating a supportive learning environment, encouragement and appreciation. We will share our knowledge, trigger motivation and learn together to make an impact on the education community in Turkey.

We at Hisar Professional Learning Center;

  • We will increase the effectiveness of learning and teaching, and create research-development environments.
  • We will facilitate evidence-based learning opportunities.
  • We will ensure the proliferation and dissemination of knowledge, best practices and innovative educational initiatives within the school community through digital platforms, training and publications.
  • We will share best practices and innovative educational initiatives (strategy and technologies) with learning communities through digital platforms, tutorials and publications.
  • We will work to achieve the targets within the proximal development area of Hisar employees.
  • We will establish a teacher academy that will work in cooperation with national and international education institutions.