Our Training Programs

Hisar Professional Learning Center offers many training programs on national and international platforms that will support and improve the knowledge and skills of all School staff. You can find detailed information about these programs from the list below.

State University of New York Master Program

The Interdisciplinary Studies Master’s Program is designed to cater to the needs of educators with out of the ordinary professional ambitions. 23 of our teachers already received their degrees from this program since 2015. The program will continue with new students into the future.

MEF University Learning Sciences Master Program

This program was initiated in 2019-20 based on the protocol signed between Hisar School and MEF University. The program does not require a thesis for graduation. 18 of our teachers are enrolled in this program and currently 16 of our 18 teachers successfully completed the program and graduated in February 2021. Our two other teachers are expected to graduate in June 2021.

Phillips Exeter Academy Training Programs

This prestigious school which caters to grades 9-12 during the year, offers training programs for teachers from around the World during the summer. A small group of teachers from Hisar School attended the program for Biology teachers, during the summer of 2019. We hope to provide the same opportunity to 2-3 of our teachers every summer, in the future.

Principals Training Center (PTC) Programs

Principals Training Center offers professional development programs to help principals and other administrators develop themselves both in the area of administration as well as academia towards best practices around the world. Our High School and Primary School Principals have already completed the PTC program. Our Preschool and Middle School Principals are in the process of completing their training towards the same certificate.


Harvard Graduate School “Leading Learning” Certificate Program

Our High School and Primary School Principals are currently enrolled in this online program which covers leadership topics in education in theory and in practice.

Harvard Graduate School of Education-Developing Strategies for Online Teaching and Learning

It is a four-week program on designing and implementing online learning environments that some of our teachers take at the K12 level.

Boğaziçi University Mini Master Program

This is a certificate program geared towards developing teaching skills of teachers and help them implement their newly acquired skills in the classroom. The Turkish name of this program translates into English as “The Academy of Teachers who Make a Difference.” At the end of 2017-18, the first cohort of teachers (29) completed this program.

Boğaziçi University English and Turkish Language Training Programs

In order to cultivate the bi-lingual school climate, Hisar School offers language training programs on campus with the cooperation of Boğaziçi University. Courses are offered both in English and in Turkish.

Hisar School In-house Edtech Trainings

This program is geared towards helping Hisar School teachers and staff keep up-to-date with the educational technologies used at Hisar and elsewhere.

Understanding by Design (UbD) Training and Mentoring

In order to make this approach a part of Hisar’s academic life, training programs are offered by well known experts and follow-up mentoring support is provided to teachers who take such training programs.

CPET Programs

Some of our teachers, department heads and school administrators have completed the “Leading Change” and “Best Practices for Blended Education” online programs offered by CPET.

Department of Psychological Counseling and Guidance - Supervision Studies

Our Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department and teachers from all our schools continue to receive year-long supervision support from experts in their fields regarding student development.