Hisar School, with its leading academic staff, have been raising researchers, questioning, self-confident, moral and highly aware individuals for 25 years.

With 979 graduates and 1514 students, Hisar community think and work to serve our country, the world and humanity.

Information Strategies Center

As Information Strategies Center, we continue our efforts to ensure that information and communication technologies are included as a natural part of the education process.

Writing Center

In Writing Center, there is a friendly and comfortable environment where visitors are interested in their author identities and talked about writing. Educators aim to help develop ideas and express them in the most clear and effective way possible.

Innovation Center

Innovation Center is designed as an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary platform to teach and learn with STEAM-oriented programs that support interaction with the technology community and the effort to achieve excellence in K-12 education.

University Counseling and Career Center

In our Career Center in accordance with the mission and vision definition of Hisar School, our primary goal is to guide and support our students in course selection, career orientation, university preparation-application and selection processes.

Cultural Center

Our Cultural Center, with its fully equipped professional concert, theater and exhibition halls, creates a cultural bridge between the students, parents, administrative and academic staff of Hisar School, the surrounding schools and the residents.

Professional Learning Center

PLC provides a system of innovative, creative, participatory opportunities and research environments by offering training programs on national and international platforms that will support and develop the knowledge and skills of all School staff.


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Our Teachers Graduated Successfully From The SUNY Master Program

Our Teachers Graduated Successfully From The SUNY Master Program

In line with our mission of effective and continuing professional learning, in the 2021 – 2022 academic year, 12 teachers from different levels and departments graduated from The State University of New York (SUNY) Masters Program.

We congratulate our teachers on achieving such a significant milestone and wish them continued success. 

Have You Visited our Digital Exhibition on “Life Under Water”?

Have You Visited our Digital Exhibition on “Life Under Water”?

Hisar STEM Science Sparks Club Global Social Leaders and WWF team students prepared projects on the theme of “SDG 14: Life Below Water”. Based on the mucilage problem seen in the Sea of ​​Marmara last year, our students also studied on the global goals of “SDG 12: Responsible Consumption and Production” and “SDG 15: Life on Land” by taking the reduction of plastic waste into the agenda.

Our students came together with the Istituti De Amicis School in Milan, Italy, and jointly prepared art works on the theme of “Life Below Water”.

These works carried out by our students in Visual Arts classes were accessible to visitors on the “Art at Hisar” platform, our school’s digital art gallery. You can view the artworks of this joint project between the two schools under the heading “Life Under Water” at

Congratulations to our students!

PÖMER – YGA Collaboration “Let’s Learn Together” Training Series Completed

PÖMER – YGA Collaboration “Let’s Learn Together” Training Series Completed

Our Professional Learning Center (PLC) has completed the “Learning Together” training series in cooperation with our teachers and YGA (Young Guru Academy) with the principle of “being useful to the educational communities in Turkey”, which is one of its founding objectives.

Prior to the training modules planned with YGA, the needs analyses of the teachers who provide training in the YGA-Role Model Teachers Program were conducted. In the light of the data obtained and the interviews conducted, the following educational programs were planned. 

  • Innovation center studies
  • Effective professional learning planning
  • Training on sustainability and introduction of the Global Schools program
  • Developing self-regulation skills in students

A total of 87 educators of various levels and branches from all over Turkey participated in these interactive training modules. The feedback received from the training organized in five pleasant and productive sessions was also highly positive.  

Hisar Schools Professional Learning Center will continue to work extensively on professional learning programs and the training of teachers. For further information, you can visit our PLC web page or send an e-mail to

Our High School Students Received Awards from the International CYSS Organization

Our High School Students Received Awards from the International CYSS Organization

Our High School students returned with awards from their presentations in the field of geography, representing our country, at the International Conference of Young Social Scientists (ICYSS) organization they attended.

Grade 10 students Uraz Y. and Lara Ann T. won the 3rd place in the poster presentation category with their project titled “Landscape Footprint: Sustainable Urban Design Using the Thornthwaite Water Balance Sheet” and a silver medal in general presentations, while our 11th grade student Kerim W. , won the 1st place in the poster category and the bronze medal in the general presentations, with his project “A Comparative Perspective on the Socioeconomic Impact of Melting Glaciers: Case Studies of Turkey and India”.

We congratulate our teachers who contributed to the process and our students for their successful representations!

Our Professional Learning Center Has Completed Its Study Within the Scope of Collaboration with ECIS

Our Professional Learning Center Has Completed Its Study Within the Scope of Collaboration with ECIS

Since the first day of its establishment, Hisar School Professional Learning Center (PÖMER/PLC) has aimed to achieve the best in order to create lifelong learning environments that make learning, change and transformation continuous. In this journey that the Center embarked on to be beneficial to national and international education communities, it completed the standards of professional learning programs in cooperation with ECIS (The Educational Collaborative for International Schools) between January – May 2022.

The most basic points of high-quality training programs, the sine qua non of the facilitators, the expectations from the participants and the things that should be done at every step in order to ensure the continuity of professional learning,  It is an instructive work. The most important partners of professional learning studies are teachers. The role of the teacher also changes in order to respond to the needs of the students, which are constantly updated depending on the social and technological changes. Efficient, sustainable and structured professional learning is an important factor in contributing to the changing role.  At every step of professional learning, the goal is to contribute to academic excellence and student learning at the highest level.

The professional learning activities we carry out in line with our school’s mission, vision, values ​​and strategic plan include research, analysis, practice and goal setting. You can find detailed information about the standards that we, as Hisar School Professional Learning Center, carefully consider while preparing both in-house and corporate training programs by clicking here.



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