Hisar School, with its leading academic staff, have been raising researchers, questioning, self-confident, moral and highly aware individuals for 25 years.

With 1085 graduates and 1591 students, Hisar community think and work to serve our country, the world and humanity.

Information Strategies Center

As Information Strategies Center, we continue our efforts to ensure that information and communication technologies are included as a natural part of the education process.

Writing Center

In Writing Center, there is a friendly and comfortable environment where visitors are interested in their author identities and talked about writing. Educators aim to help develop ideas and express them in the most clear and effective way possible.

Innovation Center

Innovation Center is designed as an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary platform to teach and learn with STEAM-oriented programs that support interaction with the technology community and the effort to achieve excellence in K-12 education.

University Counseling and Career Center

In our Career Center in accordance with the mission and vision definition of Hisar School, our primary goal is to guide and support our students in course selection, career orientation, university preparation-application and selection processes.

Cultural Center

Our Cultural Center, with its fully equipped professional concert, theater and exhibition halls, creates a cultural bridge between the students, parents, administrative and academic staff of Hisar School, the surrounding schools and the residents.

Professional Learning Center

PLC provides a system of innovative, creative, participatory opportunities and research environments by offering training programs on national and international platforms that will support and develop the knowledge and skills of all School staff.


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Our Grade 11 students received first place and different awards in the “Young Philosopher Awards” Philosophy Contest

Our Grade 11 students received first place and different awards in the “Young Philosopher Awards” Philosophy Contest

Our 11th grade student Lea Alin T., with her article titled “A Kabbalist’s Otherness”, was selected as the winner in both the 16-17 age category and in all age categories at the Young Philosopher Awards, which was held for the third time this year in collaboration with Dublin University in Ireland, and won the Overall Winner. He was awarded the Of the International Grand Prize.

Our 11th grade student Su F. was awarded the Highly Commended award in the Most Innovative Philosophy category for her work titled “Loneliness and Belonging”.

We congratulate our students for this outstanding achievement; We hope to hear news of the good works they will put forward as young philosophers in the future.

2022-2023 Hisar Schools Student Exhibition is online

2022-2023 Hisar Schools Student Exhibition is online

We are proud to share our student work with you on the Hisar Schools website dedicated to art.; is a virtual exhibition that reflects the students’ perspectives on art, their creativity, imagination, enthusiasm and energy-filled ideas, including the work done in visual arts classes.

You can examine the works produced by our students from pre-school to the last year of high school on this website.

Our Grade 4 Students Visited the Rahmi Koç Museum

Our Grade 4 Students Visited the Rahmi Koç Museum

On May 23-26, our 4th graders visited the Rahmi Koç Museum and attended the Colorful World of Mathematics workshop. They discovered the “touchable, lovable” side of mathematics by seeing that mathematics is not “incomprehensible, inaccessible” with interactive experiment sets. They had the opportunity to learn by thinking, playing and having fun with experiments such as puzzles, optical illusion, sound, probability, pattern, speed-movement in the workshop. In this workshop, they developed their mathematical thinking skills by enjoying the freedom to touch and experiment.

Hisar Academy’s End of Year Drama Shows took place on 27 May

Hisar Academy’s End of Year Drama Shows took place on 27 May

As Hisar Academy enters its final weeks, we enjoy watching the year-end performances of our different branches. Hisar Akademi Drama’s play “Snowwhite and the Seven Dwarfs” and the musical “Wizard of Oz” performed on Saturday, May 27, received a standing ovation for minutes. We are proud of the performance of our students.

The 2nd of the “In the Footsteps of Thinkers” Student Symposium was Held at Our School on May 27

The 2nd of the “In the Footsteps of Thinkers” Student Symposium was Held at Our School on May 27

The 2nd Student Symposium in the Footsteps of Thinkers was held at our School on Saturday, May 27, with the participation of our students from seven different schools across Istanbul. After the opening speeches at the symposium, the participating students focused on the theme of “Man’s Loneliness in Fictional Texts”; They examined the works determined in the novel, short story, poem and cinema sessions with the critical reading method.

Its aim is to enable high school students to share the cultural knowledge they have acquired through literature lessons, to have a say in this subject by determining their awareness of literature education, to recognize artists who have produced works in the fields of novel, story, poetry, theater and cinema in our country and in the world, by young generations, such as thinking, researching and interpreting. We would like to thank our teachers and students who organized the “Student Symposium in the Footsteps of Thinkers”.

Our 9th Grade Students prepared the “Ancient Civilizations” Exhibition

Our 9th Grade Students prepared the “Ancient Civilizations” Exhibition

This year, our 9th grade students learned about the conditions that were decisive in the formation of civilizations that emerged throughout history and in the evolution of human beings in social, political and cultural fields, in the sample of Ancient civilizations.

First of all, our students understood their geographical structures and the effects of geography on production styles in their Geography lessons. In history lessons, they witnessed the effects of geographical structure features on economic systems of states, how economic systems shape social classes and political structures. They saw the reflections of all these processes on their religious beliefs and legal systems. They understood the reasons for the differences of people living on Earth. With these differences, they thought about how the states would live in peace.

Our students had the opportunity to embody what they learned while learning for a whole year. They recognized an imaginary world prepared by our geography teacher on the three-dimensional topography maps they prepared. In their history lessons, they built their own civilization on this geography. In their ceramic lessons, they designed children’s toys by taking into account the characteristics of civilizations. In their painting classes, they painted images reflecting the different cultural characteristics of their civilization.

Civilizations on 6 planets, consisting of the civilizations created by our students, were exhibited in the C block of High School. We congratulate all our students for their hard work.



“Homecoming” Alumni Reunion

The traditional "Back to Hisar" Alumni Meeting will take place on Sunday, June 11 at 11:00 on our campus.

11 Haziran, 2023

Graduation Ceremony of 8th Grades

Place: Hisar School Arts&Culture Center, Atatürk Hall

13 Haziran, 2023



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