Hisar School, with its leading academic staff, have been raising researchers, questioning, self-confident, moral and highly aware individuals.

With 1194 graduates and 1643 students, Hisar community think and work to serve our country, the world and humanity.

Information Strategies Center

As Information Strategies Center, we continue our efforts to ensure that information and communication technologies are included as a natural part of the education process.

Writing Center

In Writing Center, there is a friendly and comfortable environment where visitors are interested in their author identities and talked about writing. Educators aim to help develop ideas and express them in the most clear and effective way possible.

Innovation Center

Innovation Center is designed as an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary platform to teach and learn with STEAM-oriented programs that support interaction with the technology community and the effort to achieve excellence in K-12 education.

University Counseling and Career Center

In our Career Center in accordance with the mission and vision definition of Hisar School, our primary goal is to guide and support our students in course selection, career orientation, university preparation-application and selection processes.

Cultural Center

Our Cultural Center, with its fully equipped professional concert, theater and exhibition halls, creates a cultural bridge between the students, parents, administrative and academic staff of Hisar School, the surrounding schools and the residents.

Professional Learning Center

PLC provides a system of innovative, creative, participatory opportunities and research environments by offering training programs on national and international platforms that will support and develop the knowledge and skills of all School staff.


Upcoming Events



Best Buddies Türkiye Project 

Best Buddies Türkiye Project 

Hisar High School volunteer students and Ahmet Edip Önder Special Education Vocational School students came together in line with Best Buddies Türkiye’s project to establish one-to-one friendships for individuals with special needs and to create a space for common life, carried out by the High School Social Responsibility Projects Coordinatorship. Our students met their friends, did a t-shirt painting activity and immortalised the moment they spent together by presenting the t-shirts they painted to each other.

We hosted the World Philosophy Day event

We hosted the World Philosophy Day event

We hosted teachers and students from 14 schools at the World Philosophy Day celebration organised by the Istanbul High Schools Philosophy Clubs Platform (ILFKP). Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ayhan Çitil gave the opening speech and various workshops were held. The concept of transhumanism, which was discussed within the framework of Prof. Dr. Ioanna Kuçuradi’s statement, “The civilisation we live in is trying to robotise humans while trying to humanise robots”, was examined in a multifaceted way.

Our Handball Team in Turkish Championship

Our Handball Team in Turkish Championship

Our Handball Team qualified to go to the Turkish championship as the second in Istanbul in the inter-school provincial matches. We congratulate our students and wish success to our team in the Turkish championship.

City Detectives “Where is My School?” Project

City Detectives “Where is My School?” Project

We started the “City Detectives – Where is My School” project, which was carried out jointly by the Community Services Centre (TEMER), Secondary School and High School Social Sciences Department teachers and which we carried out for the first time last year, with great excitement this year. This year, together with our secondary and high school students, we held our first workshop at our school, where students from Bolluca Children’s Village and Durusu Hüseyin Ökten High School took part and talked about “City Right”.

Turkish Universities Fair was organised in our school

Turkish Universities Fair was organised in our school

The Turkish Universities Fair, organised by our Turkish University Counselling Office, took place at our school with the participation of our high school students. Representatives from Türkiye’s elite universities participating in the fair, while providing information about the schools to our students, also gave important information about the choice of profession.

Duke of Edinburgh International Youth Awards

Duke of Edinburgh International Youth Awards

An award ceremony was held at our school with the participation of UGO National Coordinator Leyla Nilüfer YILMAZ and UGO-TR Project Assistant Ayşenur KARGIN for our students who fulfilled the requirements of the bronze award within the Duke of Edinburgh International Youth Awards programme.

Implemented in 130 countries, the programme is designed to encourage young people, develop their leadership skills, contribute to community service and support their personal development, allowing young people to discover their potential and push their limits.

We congratulate our high school students who won the bronze award and wish them continued success.



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